Senior Mens Club

The Senior Men’s Club is open to all men over 50 years of age who wish to golf during the midweek. The annual dues to join are $41.00, which includes OGA Membership, and an official USGA Handicap. There is an optional $1.00 Hole-In-One insurance for anyone who makes an ACE at any time while playing Mt. View, and is witness by another Senior Men’s Club Member.

The Senior Men’s Club meet for regular play every Monday and Thursday (excluding holidays) in the morning. The starting time will be 8:00am from April thru September, 9:00am from October thru March.

Regular games are 9 holes, with many members forming new groups, and continuing play on the back. While the back 9 play is encouraged, it is not an official function of the Senior Men’s Club.
On Mondays and Thursdays, members meet about 30 minutes prior to the starting time in the Pro Shop to sign in, and ante up the $2.00 fee for that days play. The Pro on duty will create the groups and select the game from our list of approved games. It is the responsibility of the players to keep and post their daily score.

At the completion of the 9 holes, the Pro on duty will collect the scorecards and calculate the winners. The daily payouts are $4.00 for half the field. With random groupings, any member stands to double his bet half of the time.

The maximum winnings is set at $4.00, which will be paid as merchandise credits to purchase anything in the Pro Shop.

During the off-season, December through February, a $5 Eclectic Scorecard game is held. Try and accumulate your best scores on the front 9 over 3 months – Overall best NET score wins!

There are also several club tournaments ran throughout the year, and these events are posted on the Senior Men’s Club bulletin board.

We look forward to seeing you soon!